Samuel Adams Utopias beer aged in bourbon casks

Andrea Divirgilio / December 4, 2012

With over 30 distinctive, award-winning styles of beer, Samuel Adams, known for producing America’s most expensive beer, has been brewing quality, handcrafted, full-flavored beers using the time-honored, traditional four-vessel brewing process, ever since its inception back in 1984 by founder and brewer Jim Koch. And, in an effort to change American beer drinkers’ perception of what beer can be, while challenging himself as brewer, Jim Koch introduced the first batch of Samuel Adams Utopias with complex flavor profile unlike any other beer, back in 2002. Now in year 2012, Jim Koch proudly unveiled the 10th anniversary batch of Samuel Adams Utopias, which is brewery’s extreme, and most renowned barrel-aged beer that actually let the drinker take pride in his beer.

Samuel Adams brews barrel-aged beer aged in bourbon casks

Samuel Adams Utopias which is a unique blend of liquids, some aged nearly 20 years in a hand-selected, single-use bourbon casks, actually confirms for drinkers that many of the greatest things in life are best when perfected over time.

Samuel Adams brews barrel-aged beer aged in bourbon casks

With this year’s batch, Samuel Adams continues to push the boundaries of traditional brewing and elevate drinkers’ perceptions.

This limited edition 10th anniversary batch which also spent time in a varied range of finishing casks, will be made available in fewer than 15,000 bottles, costing $190 each, due to the long aging requirement.

Samuel Adams Utopias comes bottled in a specially designed black decanter with a brew kettle like shape to make for a perfect gift for beer lovers.

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