Sant Singh Chatwal
Sant Singh Chatwal | $ 10 Million
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Sant Singh Chatwal Net Worth

Net Worth $ 10 Million
Sant Singh Chatwal
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Born on: 1st Jan 70 Born in: India Marital status: Married Occupation: Chairman and CEO, Hampshire Hotels & Resorts
Sant Singh Chatwal net worth is estimated at $10 million. Chatwal is a Sikh Indo-American business entrepreneur,  a self made man, who not only made big for himself but for his two sons Vikram Chatwal and Vivek Chatwal as well. In his career, Sant Chatwal struggled a lot; he first migrated to Ethiopia where he worked hard and ran two restaurants serving Indian cuisine, a step which became crucial to Sant Singh Chatwal net worth. Later, he moved to New York and opened first Bombay restaurant, and went on to expand his hotel empire, which now comprises of chain of Hampshire Hotels & Resorts and the recently opened The Chatwal New York which augmented Sant Singh Chatwal net worth. A close friend of former United States President Bill Clinton and trustee of the William J. Clinton Foundation, Sant Chatwal contribute magnificent donations to Clinton’s election campaigns and to other causes related to Democratic Party. Strongly rooted to his land of birth, Punjab, Sant Chatwal still jumps at the offer of Indian food, as he says; his tastes remain same, no matter wherever he is. As a father, he was instrumental in setting up his son Vikram Chatwal as an hotelier. This Sikh hotel entrepreneur owns various estates in United States, but loves to live with his wife Daman in his 7000 Sq. ft, 45th floor penthouse on East 93rd street, which he purchased for $1.8 million in 1987, thanks to Sant Singh Chatwal net worth..
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