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United States
Net Worth $ 90 Million
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Born on: 25th Mar 65 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actress
Born Sarah Jessica Parker has an estimated net worth of $90 million. With the star like persona and natural charm Sarah Jessica Parker was associated with acting since childhood. She performed in few Broadway shows but soon the actress switched to TV and movies as a teen usually playing appealingly geeky heroine. Who knew this geeky TV actress will be one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. While growing up she met her first love Robert Downey Jr. who was a drug addict. After seven years of long relation she finally called quits because of his bad habits. Sarah did several movies amongst which few were commendable. The beautiful actress came into lime light in late 90s when she started working as sex-crazed columnist Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. She also won many academy awards for her outstanding performance in the comedy series. Apart from acting Sarah is trained in singing and ballet, and was cast in the Broadway production of The Innocents, which prompted her family to relocate to New Jersey form Ohio where she was born. With her terrific sex appeal women wanted to be like her and men wanted a women like her. Her beautiful appearance made her face of many of the world's biggest fashion brands. After completing the Sex and The City series she conferred a multi-million dollar contract to do advertisements for The Gap clothing. She also has her line of perfume called Lovely and Manolo Blahnik named a shoe in her honor, the SJP.With the net worth of $90 million she owns some of the most luxurious cars and lives an extravagant life. She hosted the MTV Movie Awards in 2000 and appears wearing 14 different outfits during the show. After dating many famous actors she got married to actor Matthew Broderick in 1997, to whom she was introduced by one of her brothers at the Naked Angels theater company, where they both performed. She owns an apartment in New York and lives there with her husband and children.
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Sarah Jessica Parker Estates and Homes (3)

New York City home

New York Home

Sex and the city fame Sarah has a lavish lifestyle and this is proved by the choice of properties she possesses. Apart from owing some of the beautiful houses around US she also owns one lavish townhouse in New York City. She bought this house in 2010 for $21.5 million and stays there with her family. The house earlier belonged to philanthropist Laurie Tisch.

Location: The house is located in one of the posh streets of New York City.

Accommodation: The house which boasts eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and five "half" bathrooms also has a 10 metre long living room. The apartment also consists two walk-in wardrobes in the master bedroom. The house is spread in the area of 2,300 square foot and is sited on an 8.5 acre hill top parcel.

Hamptons home

Hamptons home

Sarah Jessica Parker owns few luxurious homes in Hamptons and each home is an epitome of lavishness. One of such mansion she bought in June 2005 for $4.6 million.

Location: the house is located in Hamptons which lies far east end of Suffolk County on Long Island, New York.

Accommodation: The house is painted in white and mainly constructed of wood. The decore of the house is simple yet elegant with lots of white color patterns. Bedroom too is painted in pure white color with same color bedspreads and other furnishings. The house has a garden just in fornt with a porch to sit and relax.

Neighborhood: Sex and the city star herself owns three villas in the same location.

Ireland home

Ireland home

Although Sarah Jessica Parker live in New York City with her husband Matthew Broderick and the three children, James (8 years old) and the twins Tabitha and Marion (2 years old) but she also like to spend time at her second home in Kilcar. Kilcar is a small Gaeltacht village in the south west of County Donegal, Ireland. It’s a very small place with just one church at one end and two textile factories at the other end. Sarah like the isolation of this place hence built a holiday home in this countryside village. Apart from Sarah an American film and stage actor Matthew Broderick also owns a holiday home in Kilcar.

Sarah Jessica Parker Hobbies (1)


Sarah Knitting

Like many other stars, Sarah Jessica Parker has a granny like hobby as she love to knit. Sex and the City fame knits in the break during her shots and whenever she gets some free time. It is said that Kristin Davis apparently introduced her to the hobby. 

Sarah Jessica Parker Autos and Cars (4)

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Sarah owns a shining black Toyota Pirus  which is a hybrid vehicles, has a special powertrain that combines a gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine with an electric motor. Sarah herself is an eco friendly person who is often spotted in her hybrid vehicle wearing eco-friendly dresses.  Her car delivers higher fuel economy and lower emissions compared to regular cars.

Audi A3


Apart from owing a Mercedes E-Class Cabrio Sarah also owns an A3 which is an Audi's entry-level model for the North American market. She has bought this car basically for its compact size with great classy looks. Her car has first-class materials throughout the cabin and is customized with real metal rings around the dash vents. The car also has 17-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic climate control, leather seating and a 10-speaker sound system.

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

One of the sexiest ladies owns one of the sexiest cars in the world. She is often spotted in her classy Mercedes E-Class Cabrio. Her car has an innovative AIRSCARF neck-level heating system provides warmed air through adjustable vents within each front head restraint. Her flashy vehicle is in steel grey color and the interior has the rich fabric power soft top

Lexus RX 400h

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lexus RX 400h

Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted coming out of her New York apartment and getting into the Lexus RX 400h, the car she purchased recently. This truly lavish car that guarantees the best of comfort and superior riding experience, comes fitted with a V6, 3.3L petrol engine, which makes it capable of generating a total power output of 268 hp and can reach the 60 mph mark from zero in just about 8 seconds. Further, the rear seats can be folded down to provide approximtely 85 cc of cargo space. Some of the additional features include rollover sensor, drive knee airbags, side and front curtains, and traction cum stability control. The car starts at a price around $45,910.

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