Sasha Baron’s next movie to include a gold-bodied SUV called ‘Kombat’

Andrea Divirgilio / August 31, 2011

Sasha Baron Gold SUV- 'The Kombat'

There is something about pimped up SUVs, especially those with rugged imposing exteriors which sets them apart from any other category, hence being a part of any celebrities’ collection who wishes to have eyes on themselves. It’s almost like a fatal attraction for them. We saw a few examples of those such as Ashley Cole Mini-Hummer with gold exteriors to a more somber CFC Chrome Hummer, and the all fashionable Christian Audiger SUV. Now another SUV with the ‘Midas touch’ is the Sasha Baron SUV, dubbed as ‘The Kombat by which would be a part of his latest flick, The Dictator’.

The movie is supposed to be a center point of attention for its volatile base of storyline. The inspiration is from the Late. Saddam Hussein authored novel, ‘CIA believes’ which shall have the central character zooming around in this unique vehicle. Apart from the gold bathed body, the interiors are known to be decked in leather, derived from the penis of a whale. Currently the vehicle is touring the streets of Spain, where the movie is being shot and it has certainly proved to be a crowd puller by itself. But just like the movie theme, not much detailing is known for us to mention.

For those interested about similar unique vehicles, you could read through our coverage of the ‘Pink Panthermobile’ which went up for sale recently. Owning these automobiles would certainly grab greater eye balls, but after a while one begins to think of obvious factors like security. Hope Sasha Baron has taken it into account.

Via: Jalopnik

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