Sauter Carbon Offset Design presents the world’s first Carbon Neutral Yacht
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Sauter Carbon Offset Design presents the world’s first Carbon Neutral Yacht

Sauter Carbon Offset Design presents the world’s first Carbon Neutral Yacht

Net Zero 22 m Emax Excalibur yacht

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At a time when parts of the world reel under rising fuel prices, there has been a surge in demand for eco friendly solutions. The Ned Group in collaboration with Sauter Carbon Offset Design, a leader in the order misoprostol segment, have just built their latest Net Zero 22m Emax Excalibur yacht for that combines elegant and modern luxury with eco friendly functionality to provide its owners the best of both worlds.

Zero 22m Emax Excalibur yacht tends to blend modern design with appeal. Made from carbon fiber majorly, the body of the ship has been divided into 3 decks, with the top most deck having the solar panels and the space for the driver of the boat. The lower deck features the luxury accommodation facilities and a space for the extra rubber inflatable boat which could be used for adventure sports or in emergency situations. The main structure or the hull structure of the yacht is made by Carbon Kevlar Composition specifications, which reduces the body weight significantly while adding aerodynamic features and durability. The engine features a dual-fuel hybrid structure through its VW Marine 350 TDI & GM Allison model, which allows the boat to cruise with the help of solar power and hybrid diesel. So, its capacity to cruise with near zero carbon emissions make this luxury yacht a first of its kind to use this technology.

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This 350 TDI V8 engine allows for a cruise speed buy Proscar of 22 knots while the maximum is 30 knots. Varying the speeds brings about a fluctuation in the fuel efficiency with lower speeds below 22 knots and higher efficiency rates. The insides have been done up tastefully with the extensive use of polished woodwork and modern design in the furniture and fittings. The four cabins include a single master cabin and three double cabins. Eco friendly electronic gadgetry, like the air-conditioning system, refrigeration and waste heat management system, allows for optimum energy utilization within the yacht.

British designer Richard Sauter, who is the main designer of this yacht, has displayed his designing skills in form of the Ocean Empire LSV and the Ark Angel yachts earlier. These yacht designs left no stone unturned in bringing out superior designs and sheer elegance while taking care of low carbon footprints. Looking at them, it won’t be a surprise to see this model ‘creating waves’ with its innovative design and use of technology. purchase Indocin

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Via: Sauter Offset design

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