Savoir Beds introduces $75,000 luxury bed – Savoir No.1 bed
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Savoir Beds introduces $75,000 luxury bed – Savoir No.1 bed

Savoir Beds introduces $75,000 luxury bed – Savoir No.1 bed

What can be more blissful than to spend third of our life in the cloud-like comfort of hand-crafted Savoir beds that have been as legendary as the legends like Sir Winston Churchill, Giacomo Puccini, Marilyn Monroe, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, and Elton John, who have slept in them. Luxurious Savoir Beds which were first created for the iconic The Savoy Hotel in London in 1905 in an effort to offer its discerning guests and the celebrity clients the best-possible night’s sleep, can now be yours. Yes, one can now treat to a Savoir bed and feel like spending every night at The Savoy, as the luxury brand offers its top-notch $75,000 Savoir Bed No. 1 which was also featured in the Duran Duran film ‘Girl Panic’ shot in the Royal Suite of The Savoy hotel in London where the bed is currently housed for their VIP guest to enjoy. Besides, the brand also offers made to measure luxury beds and mattresses.

Savoir Beds introduces $75,000 luxury bed - Savoir No.1 bed

Savoir’s No. 1 bed which is described to be a celebration of no-holds-barred luxury is the result new web drugstore with greatest prices . buy cheap estrace vaginal cream . of 120 man hours invested by the master craftsman, cutter, seamstress and joiner. The bed’s design draws on over 100-years of bed-making expertise, along with the latest innovations in the use of natural materials and over five years of careful product development.

Savoir Beds introduces $75,000 luxury bed - Savoir No.1 bed

The bed’s frame of hardwood beech has several unique features like the dovetail joints, suede upholstery and a flexible, hand-tied cane edge which further combined with a generous 2” hair roll with Buy Cialis Professional two rows of hand-stitching gives added support and structure. Meanwhile, the mattress, topped with a panel of high-tech stretch cotton fabric, is filled with extra-deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse-tail and double layers of carded lambs wool and kilos of pure cashmere that are included in the topper.

Some of the other features that make the Savoir Bed No.1 the dapoxetine online purchase fedex saturday delivery. wondering how little 4 the fed-ed program must dapoxetine viagra. preferable choice of the elites includes:-

HCa Topper

Mountains of hand-teased, curled horse tail, in two layers best prices for all customers! prednisone generic brand name . official drugstore, buy prednisone online mens health. for optimal performance, with lambs wool divide.

Luxurious outer layer of Paxil online pure cashmere.

Natural case of high-tech, 100% cotton stretch fabric and Trellis ticking.


Hand-tied, 7.5 pocket strings.

Masses of hand-laid, long, loose horse tail, with cotton and wool.

High-tech natural stretch fabric.

Box Spring

Hardwood beech frame, with traditional dovetail joints.

Independent 9”/22.5cm hourglass springs.

Hand-tied, eight-way cane edge with 2”/5cm stitched hair roll.

Hand-teased loose hair and cotton top filling

For the likes of those who seeks blissful sleep, the Savoir Naltrexone no prescription luxury beds also comes in variety of styles, including the traditional original styles, #1, #2, #3 and #4, and the special order creations by top designers and the bright Color Collection.

At a starting price of $72,500 for a U.S King size, Savoir Bed No. 1 is one of the world’s most expensive bed. We have earlier also seen luxury beds like the $44,000 Kluft mattress and mar 7, 2009 - buy baclofen without prescription, buy cheap baclofen no rx, from canadian pharmacy , kjope baclofen pa nett, kopa baclofen online , the gold and platinum mattresses from Magniflex.

Also watch the Savoir Bed No. 1 featured in the Duran dapoxetine prescription dapoxetine nice generic dapoxetine Duran film "Girl Panic!

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