The Scent of Departure fragrance collection inspired by 20 cities is for the globetrotters
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The Scent of Departure fragrance collection inspired by 20 cities is for the globetrotters

The Scent of Departure fragrance collection inspired by 20 cities is for the globetrotters
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The Scent of departure

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What happens when travel and perfumes happen to be two of a man’s biggest passions? Of course, he does something off the beaten track. Gerald Ghislain’s love for both the scent and the journey led him to create something, the world has seldom seen before. Named scent of departure, Ghislain’s latest offering is a collection of fragrances inspired by his travels to twenty vibrant and unique cities.

Not a perfume, not a souvenir- the scent of departure is the very essence of the city you have been to and fallen in love with. So how exactly did the idea of Scent of Departure come about? As discussed already, it weaves two of Ghislain’s most loved passions together. In the creator’s words, he travels all over the world and uses perfume to narrate a story or describe emotions. So, one fine day, it suddenly dawned on him to capture the essence of cities he had cost of Strattera adored through scents and the journey for scent of departure literally began.

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The unisex travel inspired line captures the essence of seventeen cities across Asia, Europe and the Americas. If the fragrance transports you to a different world altogether, then the bottles, labeled intelligently with a checked luggage tag reminds us of airports, flight schedules or charts.

So, what does your favorite city smell like exactly? If New York smells of rose notes and sweet apple, things you would associate with cabs and cocktails on a particularly hot summer night, then Miami is all about the Mojitos. London, queerly, has the fragrance of somebody you want to know better. It is a smell that packs together the combined aura of leather, Earl grey tea and citrus. The Singapore bottle, lands you (mentally) amidst orchid blossoms and woody spice Zithromax to sale on a beach half way across the world.

While the bigger and more obvious cosmopolitan Xenical order haunts have all been paid homage to , the smaller, intimate ones are not left out of the bandwagon either.

The Scent of departure took off with a pop-up shop at Henri Bendel on 24th April. The international trip for the amazing line up is scheduled to take place soon. Moreover, with a modest price (it costs $45 for 50mL) the scent of departure is expected to woo the “budget travelers” and their richer counterparts alike. So, ready for the trip, are you?

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