Schuppan 962CR
Schuppan 962CR | $ 1,500,000
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Schuppan 962CR

Schuppan 962CR

Porsche's sporting 962 Group C racers were not only a great success on tracks, but also created terrific sensation among the individual buyers all around the world. Although the 1982 make 962s soon became obsolete on account of changing race rules and technically advanced competitors, there were ample number of them in proper shape but without any apparent purpose to serve. Hence it was not long before racing team proprietors decided to convert their respective Porsche’s into roadsters for domestic use. Jochen Dauer was the pioneer of this league as he was credited with manufacturing some exceptional 962 based roadsters, some of which were re-modified to participate in the GT1 class of the 1994 Lemans Race.

Another stalwart in this field was Australian Lemans icon Vern Schuppan, who with Japanese backing modified the former racing car surpassing the benchmark set by Dauer. Notable changes include the exteriors that incorporated the front and rear lights from the present-day Porsche 911. The chassis was also redesigned to better suit the roadster’s needs.


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The car’s interiors has two leather bucket seats with Williams harnesses, and air conditioning to keep the cockpit cool, internal navigation systems for drivers and passengers, parking sensors, and electronically operated power windows and rear mirrors. A detachable steering wheel makes entry and exit to and from the vehicle much easier. The customized sports versions of the car feature air jacks, front and rear towing straps and fire extinguishers.


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In his bid to create the ultimate sports roadster, Schuppan started working directly with Porsche in order to develop a distinct carbon fiber version of the 962’s designer aluminum monocoque chassis. Porsche in turn contracted England based 'Advanced Composite Technology' to implement the design and tool it up to produce a working model of five cars. The production was subsequently taken over by another designing house Reynard that built another five 962CR roadsters, totaling 25 such cars in all. Another five or six similar cars were built by High Wycombe based Modena Cars in compliance with German or Japanese safety laws. The framework of the cars appeared absolutely new since Schuppan manufactured his own chassis and body based on 962’s blueprint. The car weighed just 830kg which equated to approximately 700 BHP per ton of, a figure that was way ahead of its iconic compatriots like 550 BHP/ton of the McLaren F1, 442 BHP/ton of the Carrera GT. It also featured a 120 liter fuel tank for long distance travel.

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