Secret North’s Lava Cube of Fire is sure to steal the spotlight

Andrea Divirgilio / August 11, 2010

secret north lava cube of fire

Secret North’s innovative range of decorative fireplaces include standalone designs and embedded fire features inspired by the diversity and moving beauty of Icelandic nature. Their latest design, The Lava Cube of Fire, is an amazing, portable fireplace made of Icelandic lava and decorated with black fiber wood symbol and a plinth. The symbol on the fire feature is a protective symbol sacred to the four elements of Earth – fire, earth, wind and water – offering balance and natural energy to the surroundings. The Lava Cube of Fire burns non-toxic bio-gel fuel that creates bright flames to heat and liven up the atmosphere.

secret north lava cube of fire fireplace

The lava stones used are carefully selected and owing to their characteristics, each Cube of Fire is unique in its own way. Offering the ultimate in relaxation and luxury, the Lava Cube of Fire has an aura and sophistication of its own. The mesmerizing Secret North experience will set you back $350.

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