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Seitz’s 160 MegaPixel Camera

Andrea Divirgilio / September 21, 2006

160 megapixel camera
If you are still drooling over the diamond and gold cameras, we told you about a few days back, then hold your breath, we have got a bigger surprise then that, Seitz’s 160 megapixel camera! The behemoth camera creates a 6×17 digital image with 160 million pixels. The device is a computer in itself with most advanced characteristics in processing, disk space and memory. And, contrary to its hi-fi specs, the camera features a user-friendly interface and has a 640×480 color touchscreen display on its backside. The awesome snapper comes with 16mb of flash memory for a price of $36,266 for the mobile version and $33,715 for the studio version. And, this most advanced camera will be available not earlier than 2007.

via Engadget / Gizmodo

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