Selfridges showcase Queen Elizabeth’s royal gloves collection
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Selfridges showcase Queen Elizabeth’s royal gloves collection

Selfridges showcase Queen Elizabeth’s royal gloves collection

Queen Elizabeth 1 gloves

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Queen Elizabeth 1 collection of royal gloves

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The collection of royal gloves which goes on display today will be exhibited at Selfridges’ London flagship. Gloves have always been an essential part of the royal tradition. The present queen is known for her fondness of gloves, which she wears at all public engagements.

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Apart from those belonging to Queen Elizabeth I’s personal wardrobe, gloves worn by Queen Victoria will also go on display at the Selfridges exhibition. The Victorian gloves, four in total, were made in 1897- the year she completed 60 years of her reign. Done in cream colored leather, the gloves are marked with embroidery signifying dates of the jubilee. Delving deeper into the lives of the royals, the collection also includes mourning gloves worn by the Queen following her husband’s death.

If there is another name apart from Selfridges that deserves to be praised for bringing such a wonderful idea to life, then it’s that of Dents. The firm, which has been creating top-of-the-line hand-made gloves for over two centuries now, had graciously allowed the pieces to be loaned. Interestingly, Dents is also the firm which manufactured gloves for King George VI’s coronation in 1937. This apart, the company has had a long association with British monarchs in several different ways.

The exhibition, currently being held at Selfridge’s ground floor concept store, is part of their Big Bang exhibition buy Accutane in honor of the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

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