Selfy the EasyBed: Enrico Berruti’s self-making bed for lazy geeks

Andrea Divirgilio / April 3, 2008

self making bed

More than 700 of the world’s most creative minds gathered at the International Exhibition of Inventions to showcase their innovations and one of the products that turned more than a few heads was the Self Making Bed designed by Enrico Berruti. The bed dubbed “Selfy the EasyBed” is self-making bed with two lateral arms handling any bed linen. The bed features a mechanism at the sides with tubes on which one swathes the sides of the duvet linen. After that, a button activates the tubes to smooth over duvet linen, while the straps at the side will tighten the sheet itself. For now, Enrico Berruti is looking for a deal that would sooner or later lead to the commercialization of his self making bed.

via usatoday

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