Sennheiser launches high-end Momentum Black headphones

Andrea Divirgilio / January 19, 2013

Experience premium sound in style with the brand-new Sennheiser MOMENTUM Black headphones that features sleek look and combine pure design and uncompromising performance with the signature blacks of this season’s fashion collections from the leading fashion houses. This beautiful new addition to the Sennheiser Style Selection impressively delivers a ‘perfect fusion of style and substance’, notably an urban minimalist design that promises no compromise on sound. Billed as the perfect companion around town, the $350 MOMENTUM Black was unveiled at the CES 2013, along with the display of legendary limited-edition Orpheus ‘HE90’ headphones, which were originally debuted in 1991, and is now recognized in audiophile circles as the pinnacle of audio reproduction and an unique collector’s item listed among the most expensive headphones.

Sennheiser launches high-end Momentum Black headphones

Designed for the audio community’s most absolute purists, the MOMENTUM Black headphones beneath its stylish exterior incorporate technologies taken by the German audio giant Sennheiser from its high-end headphone range to ensure a clear sound with excellent detail.

Sennheiser launches high-end Momentum Black headphones

Crafted from choice materials including premium brushed stainless steel and luxurious and tough breathable genuine leather, this headphone offers rich detailed sound with its high performance transducer system while their circumaural capsules attenuate against outside noise.

Sennheiser launches high-end Momentum Black headphones

And for excellent quality, headphones come fitted with a 3.5 mm stereo jack and with nominal impedance reduced for mobile players. Further, an additional cable with an integrated smart remote and microphone is included for easy management of tracks and calls.

Sennheiser Orpheus ‘HE90’ headphones

Speaking about the $12,900 Sennheiser Orpheus ‘HE90’ headphones (pictured above), its design itself included a microscopically thin, platinum-coated diaphragm and electrodes made of special glass, which proved helpful in establishing a superior time response and reducing acoustical losses in the audio frequency range.

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