Seura TV Mirror: Conventional bathroom gets a modern image

Andrea Divirgilio / November 29, 2007


Hardly, any opulence is beyond reach in this go-getter world, but bathroom is a place with an exception, where you have to compromise all the lavishness to ease yourself. You may put your bathroom boredom at rest now, for Seura has popped up with an enhanced series of highly reflective mirrors to entertain you in the most desolated part of your dwelling.

Employing Sharp LCD’s for dazzling performance and reliability, EDTV Enhanced Series also represents 15′ or 20′ liquid crystal displays, which are just right for bathroom use. Moreover, Seura caters diversely amazing design, including speakers with all Enhanced Series models, fulfilling distinguished flavor of customers.

You may obtain the Seura Television Mirror in two configurations: Surface-mount and recessed. While, surface units are wall-mount, with the preference to finish the side panels in wood (oak, cherry and maple) or sparkling mirror, virtually analogous to any estimable canvas, on the other hand, recessed units disappear wholly into the wall, almost turning the TV into the reflection appliance even without leaving the slightest mark.

EDTV mirror comes in nine different dimensions that can easily be mounted directly to the wall framing. To get hold of the EDTV, all you need to burn is $2,999 onwards, depending on the dimension or depth of the mirror.

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