Shane Smith | $ 1.2 Billion
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Shane Smith Net Worth

Net Worth $ 1.2 Billion
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Born on: 28th Sep 69 Born in: Canada Marital status: Married Occupation: Journalist
Shane Smith net worth is estimated at $1.2 billion as of 2015. Born as Shane Smith, co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE Media is a Canadian Emmy Award-winning journalist and web entrepreneur. Shane Smith net worth came from his work as co-founder and CEO of Vice Media-a Canadian-American digital media and broadcasting company. Smith started the Vice originally for publication dedicated to punk lifestyle but it later expanded into music, art, news, and fashion to which in return augmented Shane Smith net worth. In 2006, Vice expanded into digital video which led to a massive expansion of VICE into new channels, including a partnership with Intel in 2010 for The Creators Project, as well as deals with partners like Viacom, YouTube and HBO. All these in return sky rocketed Shane net worth to $1 billion as of 2015 listed in Wikipedia. Smith stays in California with his wife Tamyka, and his two daughters Martina and Piper, in a renovated mansion he bought for $23 million dollars-thanks to the huge Shane Smith net worth.
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