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Shape Shifting Cay sofa by Alexander Rehn

Andrea Divirgilio / September 21, 2011

Shape Shifting Coy sofa by Alexander Rehn

There are few furniture pieces that do more than just lending an aesthetic value to your living room. Furniture makers have started creating more and more of such pieces that not only look good but serve many purposes. One such designer Alexander Rehn has designed fascinating Cay Sofa that can anticipate the user’s movements.

Shape Shifting Coy sofa by Alexander Rehn

This unique sofa is shaped to provide maximum comfort and is made up by using resourcefully placed hinges. The sofa is fixed with different geometric shapes and hence can be moved in any position. The user does not have to change the position and that will be done automatically according to the position of the user’s body. One can use the sofa for sitting spin straight, reclining, using it as a lounge or can also be used as a bed. This Cay Sofa has structure design of human body. It can be seen from the curve that covers the sofa. The well-placed hinges and angled legs make the sofa completely perfect for the shape shift.

Shape Shifting Coy sofa by Alexander Rehn

The sofa acts as the most striking feature of your living room, and can be adjusted anywhere in the room. Being ideal for reading book or just reclining near fireplace, the Cay sofa is perfect for anyone and everyone.

Via: Fastco Design/Alexander Rehn

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