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United States

Sharon Stone

Actress, producer, and former fashion model

Net Worth $ 55 Million
Sharon Vonne Stone
  • Birthday10th Mar, 58
  • Birth PlaceUnited States
  • Marital statusDivorced
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Sharon Vonne Stone was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania. This talented 54 year old has been in the entertainment business including acting, model and producing since 1980 and has a net worth of $55 million. This lovely American woman is happily married to Phil Bronstein and has three beautiful children. This famous female celebrity started her career in the fashion world as a model in New York City after signing a modeling deal with Ford Modeling Agency in 1970. However, by 1980 the fashion model decided she wanted to take part in the entertainment world by becoming an actress and auditioned for her first role in a Woody Allen movie, which she ended up landing even though it was small role. Everyone loved her acting in the Woody Allen movie so much that other movie producers asked her to act in movies such as Irreconcilable Differences, War and Remembrance, When a Man Falls in the Forest, Basic Instinct, Casino and Catwoman. Her acting in these movies landed her an Academy Award for Best Actress and a Golden Globe Award. Today, the star is still acting in films as well as producing movies for the entertainment world. With all the acting, producing and former modeling assignments, Sharon Stone has created an amazing net worth for herself of $55 million. You could say dropping out of school in 1970 to become a model in New York has been well worth it for this popular American star since it has landed her many roles in the entertainment world and to where she is at today as a producer. However, the movie that really made this celebrity’s net worth and fame grow was the popular hit movie Casino. Sharon Stone is not only beautiful on the outside, but is also by heart as well. She has a very warm heart and caring soul. Sharon went to Israel in March 2006, to promote world peace in the Middle East. This compassionate woman has a strong belief in God, is an ordained minister with Universal Life Church, and does what she can to lend a hand with others who need help in their life. Sharon is also very family orientated and has adopted three children in her life and has given them a warm, loving happy home life and family. The famous American entertainer has been married twice. Her former husband was Michael Greenburg whom she married in 1984. The couple met on the television set of The Vegas Strip War. Michael was a producer of the show and Sharon was an actress on it. Sadly, the couple spilt and divorced in 1990. By 1993, the star fell in love again with another producer known as William J. MacDonald on the film set of Sliver, but the relationship only lasted a year. Then in 1995 Sharon thought she was in love again with Bob Wagner, was engaged, but once again, this relationship did not last either. Luckily on February 14, 1998 Sharon Stone married Phil Bronstein, an executive editor of the San Francisco Examiner and adopted their first son.


  • I like to be bought flowers and taken out for dinner. I like a man to be a gentleman. I don't like to be treated as if I am brainless. I like to be respected and to give respect.
  • Some people work hard in this business and become really popular, really big stars but they never receive an award from within the business. Somehow, when your colleagues and friends believe in you to the point of handing you an award it means so much more.
  • I don't think there is anything wrong with cosmetic surgery at all. I think it's great. But I don't think it's alright to distort yourself.
  • I don't really want to be fat, so I stop before I am. I'm not a vegetarian, but I might go through a phase when I'm not interested in eating protein for a week or so, and then I might go through a phase when I eat nothing but steak.
  • People don't change their behavior unless it makes a difference for them to do so.

Did you know?

  • She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for her performance in Casino.
  • She won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for her performance in The Practice in 2004.
  • She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film, Casino.
  • She received further acclaim and Golden Globe Award nominations for her roles in The Mighty and The Muse.
  • She received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California in 1995.

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Sharon Stone Estates and Homes (1)

Elegant swimming pool at backyard

Beverly Hills home

The Mediterranean estate of Ms. Sharon Stone with a wonderfully gated driveway and garden seems to be up for grabs! Purchased by Ms. Stone for a whooping $10,995,000, it is for sale at $2 million lesser! Though it was bought in 2006, the actor never actually moved into the plush pad.

Location: The gated community home is located in the city of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles county in California. The mansion is located exactly at the tail-end of the Post Office area.

Accommodation: Rooms with high ceilings, great proportions and excellent finishes with detailing abound in this gated community mansion. The main portion of the home has a large living room with a built-in wet bar, chef's kitchen and fireplace. Nearby is a large dining hall. This living room opens out into a luxuriously covered patio and further to the grassy yard and pool. The master suite has walk-in dressing rooms, terraces, fireplace and dual-bath rooms. Additional bedroom suites are present both upstairs and downstairs. Spanning 4.85 hillside acres, the home has a total of 7 bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms.

Features: The sprawling backyard has a romantic, resort-style poolside with a dolphin gently spurting water into the pool. Outdoor entertainment areas include a meditation garden, a patio with built-in barbecue station, a spa, a lighted tennis court and viewing stations nearby. The gardens are lovely with meandering pathways leading to the highlight- a beautiful waterfall.

Neighborhood: The neighborhood is occupied by many other high-profile property owners. Some of the famous ones include Taylor Swift (the country queen), the celebrity couple Rebecca Greyheart and Eric Dane, and buff-bodied actor from Desperate Housewives, Jesse Metcalfe.

Beautiful garden

Beautiful garden

Amazing waterfall

Amazing waterfall

Sparsely furnished living room

Sparsely furnished living room

Tennis court

Tennis court

The Mediterranean estate of Ms. Sharon Stone with a wonderfully gated driveway

The Mediterranean estate of Ms. Sharon Stone with a wonderfully gated driveway
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The conceptual kitchen concept

The conceptual kitchen concept

Sharon Stone Autos and Cars (3)

Sharon Stone drives Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC

Black is sexy they say. This color of Sharon Stone's Bentley Continental GTC seems to blend perfectly with her style and panache. A winner of the Le Mans endurance race, the GTC is cool, costs over $200,000 and exudes opulence in every aspect. A 4-wheel drive, ample room, perfect performance and beautiful handling are made possible via the twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter, 552 bhp W12 engine which shifts through the 6 gears automatically. Running costs go through the roof and it is little wonder that only the Sharon Stones of the world flaunt it!

Sharon Stone drives Bentley Continental GTC

Sharon Stone drives Bentley Continental GTC
No ImSharon Stone’s Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Porsche 911 Cabriolet

Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone was once photographed by the paparazzi arriving to dine at the elite Orlo restaurant in Los Angeles in her metallic black Porsche 911 Cabriolet. The $120,000 sports car comes equipped with an electronically adjustable sunroof and derives 350HP of power along with 287 lb-ft of torque from its 3.6 liter engine. Zero to 100 km/hour is achieved in 4.6 seconds and 280 km/hour is the maximum speed that can be achieved. The Cabriolet has been fitted with user friendly features like a 12-speaker 800-watt Burmester stereo, key-less entry system and leather upholstered heated passenger seats.

Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone decided to auction off her candy apple red colored 1972 Ford LTD Convertible in December 2009.

1972 Ford LTD Convertible

Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone decided to auction off her candy apple red colored 1972 Ford LTD Convertible in December 2009. The car went under the hammer on the popular website and proceeds from it were donated to the philanthropic organization Brent Shapiro Foundation, an NGO that works to alleviate the condition of chronic alcoholics and drug addicts. The base price of the vintage car was fixed at $15,000. The buyer of the convertible received a signed photograph of the actress which proved that the vehicle indeed belonged to Stone in the past.

Sharon Stone Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (2)

Quinn enjoying a ice cream


A hot blonde with an amazing sex appeal, Sharon Stone recently had a great time exploring the city of colorful lights “Paris”, where she went with her youngest child Quinn. Hollywood’s former glamour doll really had a magnificent time in the city as she visited some of the prominent sites of Paris including the splendid “Eiffel Tower”.

Location: Located on river Seine, Paris is the biggest and the most attractive city of France.

Accommodation: Availability of numerous luxurious accommodations makes the stay in Paris a delighting one for the visitors. The comfy rooms incorporate gleaming furnishings and a nice bedding arrangement to ensure a relaxing stay. Hotel Ritz, Hotel Academie Saint Germain, Hotel Regina and Hotel Costes are some of the remarkable hotels in the city. 

Main Attraction: Paris embodies a rich history, cultural multiplicity and a beautiful architecture. The 1050 feet tall “Eiffel Tower” is one of the prime attractions in Paris and one of the world’s most recognizable monuments. Other chief attractions in the magnificent city of light include its 170 theatres, 134 museums, cultural festivals, boutiques and department stores.


Mini break with son

Mini break with son

Near Eiffel Tower

Near Eiffel Tower


Sharon Stone was spotted in a bikini on the beaches of Sardinia

Sardinia Vacations

Sharon Stone was spotted in a bikini on the beaches of Sardinia in September 2009 and the actress spent about a week there. She was vacationing alone and still had a gala time sunbathing, splashing and rafting in the water.

Location: Sardinia is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea under the sovereignty of Italy.

Accomodation: Sardinia offers a mix of about 1000 hotels to choose from. 5 star accommodations like the “Golf Hotel IS Arenas”, “Colonna Resort”, “Hotel Abi d’Oru and Hotel Carlos V charge in the range of $400 to $500 per night. Budget hotels La Terrazza,Green Village Resort, Villaggio Antichi Ovili and S’Ustiarvu cost in the region of $80 to $100 per night.

Main Attractions: The island has plenty of attractions to mesmerize the tourists. The dazzling sun kissed beaches attract most people. Great food, drinks and facilities for various aquatic activities like snorkeling, boating are present in the beaches at a reasonable cost. The temperate climate of the island ensures a very comfortable stay. The capital of the island, Cagliari dates back to the Roman Empire. The ancient forts of Bastione San Remy and the medieval cathedral are a must see. The towns of Olbia. Nuuro, Alghero offer a variety of local cuisines and a great shopping experience. The port town of Porto Cervo boasts of many dazzling beaches, harbors and islets. Museums like the Museo Archeologico Nazionale and the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Cagliari host a mind boggling collection of artifacts showcasing the unique history of the region. They possess many priceless paintings and ancient artifacts dating back to the Nuragic civilization. The Garibaldis House, residence of renowned revolutionary Guiseppe Garibaldi is also worth a visit.

Sharon Stone Cause (4)

Sharon Stone has been supporting the foundation “Aid Still Required” since a long time

Aid Still Required

Sharon Stone has been supporting the foundation “Aid Still Required” since a long time and has donated hundreds and thousands of money from her earnings. The main goal of this non- profit organization is to help people who are left unattended after major natural calamities and crises. Providing medical care, education for poor kids and quick warning devices to alert people from natural disasters like tsunamis tops their agenda. Help from various internet sites like Facebook,Twitter promotes awareness and helps in raising funds for other projects like the new campaign for Haiti earthquake victims. Several high profile celebrities and sports-persons provide donations to the less privileged people.

The actress has been a staunch supporter for this charity

Celebrity Fight Night Foundation

The actress has been a staunch supporter for this charity. She has performed live musical performances and donating the proceeds to help people in need. Started by Jimmy Walker in 1994 it collects funds through yearly charity events. It is hosted in honor of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The main function is a star-studded event with live musical performances and live auction of various items. A host of celebrities,sports persons from all over the world participate in it. The main aim of the event is to raise substantial amount of money for charities aiding the less fortunate people of society .The foundation has raised over 45 million USD since the past thirteen years, the prime beneficiary being the “Muhammad Ali Parkinson center at the Barrow Neurological Institute” and also benefited hundreds of other charities.

Stone has been committed to the charity “Homeless Not Toothless” and has worked to build dental and medical clinics for many children in foster care.

Homeless Not Toothless

Stone has been committed to the charity “Homeless Not Toothless” and has worked to build dental and medical clinics for many children in foster care. Started in 1992, by Dr. Jay Grossman, it is a non-profit organization providing dental care free of cost to many unfortunate, homeless people. Since its inception it has provided over 2 million USD in their service. Many dentists volunteer their time to work with financially deprived homeless people. They pay for their own lab plus other expenses and work with other labs in providing free dental service as their contribution to this noble cause. The main aim of the foundation is to provide healthcare to as many people as possible to meet their basic dental needs through the best doctors and dentists.

She faithfully supports this children's charity.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

She faithfully supports this children's charity. Founded in 1984, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is a non profit organization whose goal is to support the issues of sexually exploited and missing children. They provide information and resources to parents, child victims and people from other walks of life. In its 25 years of service, the center has become the leading NGO in the United States addressing the plight of several missing and exploited children. The other issues dealt by this organization is to help prevent child abductions, assist victims of child trafficking and sexually exploited children. People with expertise in handling such matters and the near and dear ones of unfortunate children are roped in order to help them.

Sharon Stone Brands (4)

Sharon likes to wear Gucci Malika Sandals

Gucci Malika Sandals

The Damiani Flagship store in Milan, Italy hosted a cocktail party on February 16th, 2012 where Sharon Stone was seen sporting the Gucci Malika sandals. The House of Gucci has arrived with these leather and velvet sandals in black, gold, silver and green as part of its Spring/Summer ready-to-wear Collection 2011.

Sharon Stone was seen using one of these models during a film shoot

Apple iPhone 4

The revolutionary Apple created the iPhone 4 as the whole world tried to play catch-up with their previous model! And it has turned out to be a blitzkrieg success with its most amazing and intuitive features, apps and applicability. Sharon Stone was seen using one of these models during a film shoot.

Sharon Stone definitely is a Ray-Ban glasses fan and understandably so for they may be the perfect 'cool' solution for someone the world considers as 'hot'!

Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator Sunglasses

Sharon Stone definitely is a Ray-Ban glasses fan and understandably so for they may be the perfect 'cool' solution for someone the world considers as 'hot'! Pilot shades or Aviator Sunglasses from Ray-Ban are not only cool and comfy, but also contemporary, stylish and polarized.

Sharon Stone seems to be in love with the elegant, designer handbag from Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Downtown Tote

Sharon Stone seems to be in love with the elegant, designer handbag from Yves Saint Laurent. The perfect finish for a chic wardrobe, this handbag is a Downtown Tote that comes in soft leather. Available in many colors, the ember red bag seems to be the choice of the celebrity actor.

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