Shiane TV Chaise by HStudio for the comfort lovers
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Shiane TV Chaise by HStudio for the comfort lovers

Shiane TV Chaise by HStudio for the comfort lovers

Shiane TV Chaise

With the living space shrinking day-by-day we are striving for compact furniture and many companies are already making their marks in creating such useful and elegant piece of furniture. One such design house is HStudio who has come up with an ultra sleek Shiane TV Chaise. The concept of this TV Chaise came from the idea of combining technology with high-end modern furniture as the modern furniture is in unremitting course of cracking their old, boring image.

The idea has been developed and conceptualized by the HStudio and was introduced in Las Vegas Market Gift. The reclining lounge has an LCD attached at the top that can also be used to surf net. The company assures that the TV doesn't fall on the user's head and the user doesn't develop any neck pain while watching the TV. Shlomi Haziza, the president of HStudio, says:

It is comfortable from every angle, and every time you scoot up, it grabs a part of your back, because it is tufted.

Shiane TV chaise

Made of swivel base, the furniture has a stream-lined shape that enables the recliner get the maximum comfort. The chaise has a variety of colors and fabric options according to the taste of the user. The Chaise shown in the picture above is made of white patent leather as the designer wanted to keep the furniture subtle. But there are many more color options available such as Orchid, Iguana, Passion Pink, Tangerine, Sapphire, Sapphire and many more.

On the fabric and color schemes Mr. Haziza states:

We wanted to do something pretty flashy, so we did white patent leather,” adorned with Swarovski crystals, instead of buttons.

This comfortable Shiane TV Chaise comes in a dimension of 48" x 90" x 62" and costs $5,700. If you are among those who always look for luxurious and hi-tech chaise lounges, you can also check out our coverage on Ray chaise lounge and Double chaise lounge.

Via: H Studio

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