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Shirley Temple
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Born on: 23rd Apr 28 Born in: United States Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actress, Singer and Dancer
Shirley Jane Temple is one of the most famous and popular child celebrities of all times. Having become a celebrity at the age of 3 when children cannot even spell that word, she had a phenomenally good success for her Bright Eyes which introduced a whole line of licensed merchandise in her name. Her career sort of climaxed in her becoming the US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She has been considered among America's greatest screen legends of all time. All of Ms Temple's wealth arise directly and indirectly from her juvenile film roles. Starting from Bright Eyes, she acted in a plethora of movies. As her abilities to portray multi-dimensional characters came into fore, her sign-ups grew lucrative. By 1936 itself, she was earning more than $200,000 from Temple-merchandise. She endorsed several brands from Postal Telegraph to Quaker Puffed Wheat. She got into several TV shows and then became a Board member of Del Monte Foods, The Walt Disney Company and National Wildlife Federation. After her unsuccessful run for the US Congress, she became US ambassador twice. The fact that varied ways of earning induce varied ways of spending is proved absolutely by this silver-screen legend. She has all the spending traits of other Hollywood personalities - a luxurious home in Woodside,California, multiple cars and multiple brands used. Though running a ripe age of 81, she involves herself in multiple charities away from the eyes of the media and public. Her unstinting support against breast cancer and multiple sclerosis (Multiple Sclerosis Foundation), along with love for kids keep her occupied even today. She has had a checkered life with her political ambitions, failing to win a seat in the Congress but succeeding in being the first woman Chief of Protocol of USA and being its ambassador twice. As she admits, she loves to sing and tapdance! Shirley Temple's life seems to exist between the two extremes of the age spectrum - before teenage and after 50! A celebrity at 3, she had a series of superhit movies and a line of merchandising and was signed by Educational Pictures. She moved towards greater glory by signing up with Fox Films which has today become the 20th Century Fox. She did a lot of comedy-dramas adding a lot of melodrama with her presence. The movies, though chaply made, grossed huge revenues. Though she officially retired in 1950, her acting career seemed over long before. But those years had won her a special Juvenile Academy Award among many others. She made a comeback in television and later in politics and public life. She had many successful television series including her own Shirley temple Storybook. Multiple Corporate-commitments and public-service roles were thrust on her in between a personal life which included two marriages - one which terminated in divorce with the second lasting till the death of Charles Alden Black in 2005.
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