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Sidhartha with Vijay Mallya
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Siddharth Mallya was born on 7 May 1987 in the United States. Raised in England as well as in Dubai, UAE, 'Sid' Mallya attended Wellington College, Berkshire, and received his Bachelor's degree in business from Queen Mary, University of London, in 2008. Vijay Mallya had announced quite early that Siddharth would be the heir to his vast empire. The younger Mallya also takes the job seriously and therefore has worked at Diageo in London for a year in their Guinness beer brand before joining father’s United Breweries. In 2005, Mallya was appointed as director on the board of the holding company United Breweries (Holdings). Needless to say, he has inherited his father’s flamboyance and love for the life in fast lane. He is a regular at party circuits, seen quite often with his model girlfriends.
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