SIM2’s limited edition $100,000 Fuoriserie projector is pure art

Andrea Divirgilio / January 15, 2013

Manufacturer of acclaimed home theater products and the provider of the world’s most comprehensive collection of displays and high-end large screen displays, an Italian electronics company SIM2 which works with a vision to deliver images that will become life’s driving passion, has now introduced the completely hand-built, limited-edition LUMIS Fuoriserie 1080p, 3-chip DLP projector. Unveiled at the CES 2013, where we saw the launch of Beyzacases Aston Martin luxury mobile accessories, Samsung’s Curved OLED TV, Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLab 15 & 16 speaker system, the LaCie Blade Runner hard drive by Philippe Starck, and the Munitio’s Nines Tactical earphones, the Fuoriserie which is part of Sim2’s Grand Cine Line collection comes with new, improved light engine for maximum performance and adaptability. This powerful and unique projector crafted with the finest materials, coupled with a stunning red finish will be produced in a limited edition of just 30 examples, and will be sold at SIM2 premier dealers with a price tag of whopping $100,000. Besides, we have also earlier seen some of SIM2’s other projectors like the Grand Cinema C3X 1080 projector, the Lumis 3D projector system and the extravagant Grand cinema HT380 projector.

SIM2’s limited edition $100,000 Fuoriserie projector is pure art

The LUMIS Fuoriserie is notably the first projector with a 80% dimmable lamp (330W UHP) for daytime and theater viewing. Additionally, it also offers 3D capabilities with active glasses, DCI color gamut, brightness up to 5000 ANSI Lumens, and lens memory for zoom and focus for improved installation flexibility.

SIM2 LUMIS Fuoriserie

SIM2’s Fuoriserie impressively incorporates only the latest, finest, most carefully selected mechanical components, and each one is individually tested to achieve unprecedented image perfection.

Notably, the name Fuoriserie is an Italian term used to describe a custom-built, high-performance, exclusive and expensive car that qualifies the owner for his financial ability and his desire to stand out from the crowd.

Via: SIM2USA / AVSForum

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