Simone Thomalla | $ 20 Million
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Simone Thomalla Net Worth

Net Worth $ 20 Million
Simone Thomalla
Simone Thomalla
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Born on: 11th Apr 65 Born in: Germany Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Actress
Simone Thomalla wanted to be a musician, but instead fate made her attend the acting school in Berlin. She always had the looks to kill. She got interested in acting and now is one of the most famous actress around. With a unique style of her own, she really likes her shoes very much and has a fetish for watches as well. She knows what exactly suits her and she dresses accordingly to her style. She looks really very beautiful and elegant no matter what she wears. She has a style of her own. She has recently changed her subtle dressing to a bit sexier one. Height: 5’5” Weight: 140 lbs
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Black Gown

Simone Thomalla

Simone Thomalla wore this amazing black gown at the 2009 Bambi awards that took place in Berlin, Germany. She again showed that she has a genuinely good taste for dresses and she looked amazingly hot. This black gown actually brought out her elegant side very well. It also showed one more thing that she actually looked very good in black dresses.

Black Dress

Simone Thomalla

Simone Thomalla attended the Goldene Henne 2009 awards that took place in Berlin, Germany on 30th September 2009. This amazingly beautiful silk dress was looking just perfect for Simone. It really seemed to have enhanced the beauty of Simone. She was looking elegant in this fine black dress. She was looking hot. However, she was dressed in a very simple manner yet looked graceful.

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