Singer Billy Joel Sells his Waterfront Miami Home for a Whopping $13.75 Million

Britney Scott / June 25, 2013

Guess who got richer recently, none other than the singer-pianist-songwriter Billy Joel who clinched a $13.75 million deal for his waterfront mansion in Miami Beach.  The beautiful home at 82 La Gorce Circle is built on a sprawling 8,881 sq. ft. space and has seven bedrooms, a wine cellar, eight and a half bathrooms, an elevator, a gourmet kitchen besides the 165 feet of waterfront space- which is the best part and not to miss the outdoor summer kitchen that overlooks the bay.  All in all, the mansion has all the luxury elements that money can buy along with a spectacular location that adds more value to the entire deal.

Realty experts say that Billy made a profit of $250,000 as he had bought it for just $13.5 million in the year 2006 which has been verified by public records.  The home has a typical Mediterranean style when it comes to the interiors and the exteriors and is located on La Gorce Island, which probably made it tough for Billy to sell away.

Joel, who is now 64, had hit the music scene during the early 70s with “Piano Man” which marked his foray into singing.  Later on, his single “Just the Way You Are” had won two Grammys in 1978 for Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

This dream house is perfect for celebrities who prefer to stay in luxurious, picturesque and private locations.  Joel was reportedly quoting a price of $14.75 million for this swanky home, but then he settled the deal at $13.75 million with an anonymous buyer and would be cashing in on the profit of $175,000.

The other best part about this gorgeous address is the fact that La Gorce Island is and has been home to various popular celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Lil Wayne and Matt Damon.  So the new owner of Billy’s ‘ex-mansion’ would be having a lot of popular neighbors to keep him company!

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