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Sinuous Guitars are a new chapter in guitar design with focus on ergonomics

Andrea Divirgilio / March 7, 2012

We have seen the best guitars in our round up on the world’s most expensive guitars; from blinged, one-off custom designs to vintage guitars. But just when we thought we had seen it all, Michigan based Sinuous guitar company, had explored the next frontier in the guitar design with its innovative approach. Talking about the exclusivity aspect, Greg Opatik designed Sinuous guitars are different from the mainstream guitars, and what sets it apart is its sculptural form, comfort, and performance. Structure wise, industrial designer Greg changed the aesthetic design of the guitar with focus on ergonomics, and has shaped the guitar body that conforms to the body of the player for a natural performance.

Sinuous ergonomic guitar

The ergonomic design has a lot to do with Greg’s guitar playing experiences since childhood. Sinuous guitars are a culmination of his experience and craftsmanship. Inspired from the classic Charles Eames furniture, Greg has blended the solid-wood body into a comfortable shape that hugs the body of the player, and also rolls away without hitting the player. The guitar is thin and light as if you are playing a wood plank. The guitars have been tested and played by talented musicians and are aimed at those who value craftsmanship as much as the craft.

Greg Opatik's ergonomic guitar

Sinuous is currently developing a guitar amp that will match the finish of its high-end guitars. And, if you prefer custom details than the company even offers to customize one as per your preference.

Via: Gizmodo / SinuousGuitars

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