Sir Garfield Sobers’ cricket ball goes on auction yet again at Bonhmas sports sale
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Sir Garfield Sobers’ cricket ball goes on auction yet again at Bonhmas sports sale

Sir Garfield Sobers’ cricket ball goes on auction yet again at Bonhmas sports sale

Regarded as one of the greatest all rounder in the history of Cricket, Sir Garfield Sobers made cricketing history by scoring six sixes in one over for English county team Nottinghamshire v. Glamorgan at the St Helen’s Ground, Swansea. On 31st August 1968, Sobers became buy Strattera 40 mg the first cricketer to hit every ball of an over for six. The same, red leather special county cricket ball which was the part of that historic match, is now again under the hammer as part of the Bonhams Summer Sporting Sales, specifically as the part of ‘Sporting and Golf Memorabilia’ sale to be held on May 29 at Chester, United Kingdom. Earlier, this ball was auctioned by Christie’s for $50,000 at the Sporting memorabilia auction held in South Kensington, London.

Sobers six sixes ball

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In that particular over, three separate balls were used. Facing the Glamorgan bowler, Malcolm Nash, Sir Garfield Sobers began the over by hitting the first two balls into the viewer stands, which were allegedly took too long to return to the umpires. And, the third ball took most of the punishment as it was used throughout for the remaining over, and was massively hit out of the match grounds for Sobers’ triumphant six. This third ball was signed by the ‘King Cricket’ Sobers, and was sold at Christie’s order Propranolol online in year 2006.

Apart from being knighted and the best cricketer of his time, Sober’s legacy also includes for being the part of the cricket revolution which freed the game from the tradition which were strangling it, and led to the Brand Viagra online one day’s and T20 games.

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