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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 32 Million
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Born on: 23rd Jul 65 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Solo Guitarist
  Slash net worth is estimated at $32 million. This rock guitarist is famous for being the charismatic lead guitarist of the band Guns N Roses. His trademark look of long curly hair, a nose ring with a Marlboro cigarette always hanging from his mouth while he plays his best solo guitar pieces during performances is famous in the entire music circuit. He has developed an image of a regular doper during his early years and is famous for having the reputation of even killing a snake with the poison in his body developed by constant drug inputs! His wide fan following has made one of the leading magazine name him the second best electric guitarist ever on earth after the likes of Jimmi Hendrix. His famous riff of "sweet child o mine" is the second best guitar riff ever as said by one of the leading magazines. All these combined with his recent gigs with the bests of rock music is what makes Saul Hudson the Slash that we know. After his stints in a few bands during his early days, Slash formed the famous rock band Guns N Roses along with his friend of two months Axl Rose in 1984 - this was the beginning of Slash net worth. The band sold 28 million copies of the famous album Appetite for Destruction. Apart from his income from his studio albums, Slash net worth came from the huge amounts of money from his onstage performances and tours along with the band. He also appeared in some television shows and is currently working as a solo artist. His latest album named "Slash" which released in 2010, fetched him an approximate figure of 5 million dollars, a significant amount comprising Slash net worth . The star also has his own range of merchandise which are hot market properties. He has a net worth of 32 million US dollars. The celebrity has an affinity for antique guitars and other newly released guitars. He mainly plays the Les Paul Gibson guitar and owns a wide range of collections of them. The majority of his expenses are towards attaining fancy musical equipment. Always seen in leather pants and a pair of converse shoes, Slash has a liking for getting the best eye gears available. His collection of aviator sunglasses from the best brands can be beaten by none. Known for his doping tendencies, Slash also donates regularly to NGOs like Make-a-wish foundation which is a cute charisma to Slash net worth . The musician's regularly hosted parties are also another attraction of his lavish lifestyle - thanks to Slash net worth . Hence, it can be pretty well said that the majority of Slash's spending are towards luxuries and an enjoyable lifestyle. Slash was initially married to model actress Renee Suran in the year 1992. After five years of a struggling relationship the couple divorced in the year 1997 citing mutually co-existing problems. Later, Slash married Perla Ferrar and the couple has two sons Cash Anthony and London Emilio. Also, Perla is credited for being able to take Slash off his addictions to drugs and alcohol which eventually lead to a heart problem. After a brief medication, Slash has been going strong and is totally fit at present. The couple have however filed for a divorce. His spat with Axl Rose, former bandmate from Guns N Roses however stays strong. It is said that Slash and Axl never met each other in person after the band broke up in the year of 1988. Rumors of Slash's attempt to find a peaceful settlement in the year 2006 was confirmed by him but it is also evident that no conclusion has been reached by the two. Axl's hatred for Slash has been made public by his negative comments to which Slash lends a deaf ear. The entire music fraternity hopes for this duo to come to peace someday and recreate the magic that they once created together!
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