Sleep like royalty on the hi-tech 24ct gold bed

Andrea Divirgilio / March 23, 2010

golden bed
“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” Shakespeare might not have coined it if he would have known the future of luxury beds. The luxury bedding fever is gaining popularity with the wealthy and will continue to be so with the modern range of luxury beds including Hasten’s Vividus eco-friendly bed, Hollandia International’s luxe range and the latest, Golden Bed from Jado Steel, which takes this means of relaxation to an entirely new level. The Midas-touched golden bed merges the royal allure with advanced technology to make it fit for the new generation of billionaires. The golden bed is coated with 24 carat gold and is further given the Swarovski crystal treatment to satiate the most demanding of bling lovers. The opulent make is wired with a DVD/Blu-ray player, BOSE sound system, internet connection, limited edition Pioneer PDP LX-5080W TV coated in gold for ultimate relaxation. The other features include: a Busch-Jaeger control panel, waterbed and a remote control. And it isn’t bespoke if it can’t be customized, so the list goes endless with the customization options and adorns a price tag of $676,550…after all, royalty doesn’t come cheap.

Via: Jado Steel Style

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