Slot Mods recreates cars and racing tracks in your homes

Andrea Divirgilio / December 27, 2011

In an age when kids stuff doesn’t remain that way anymore and toys become the center of attention in the luxury lifestyle space, automobile related replicas become the hotcakes. We had earlier seen the Mercedes Benz model cars for the company’s 125th anniversary, and now its Slot Mods replica racing track and cars, which will bring racing era’s golden period back to life, almost. Created within the body of a RCR 917 replica from the famous 12 hours of Sebring race in 1971, there are multiple options customers can choose to bring these cars and race tracks inside their homes.

Slot Mods race tracks

The first and most prominent feature of the replica set is easily the realism that has gone into crafting the fiber-glass replicas. Great detailing along with precision in all aspects strikes one rather strongly. Like the RCR 917, there are several other options, such as the RCR GT40, RCR P4, and the RCR T70 to choose from, all of which have been recreated to the finest aspects, mainly with fiberglass along with wood, aluminum and even real tyres to match. Just click of a few buttons, and the body of the car opens to the miniature 1:32 scale race track inside which was used during the 1971 edition of ‘12 Hours of Sebring’ race. From the chequered flag, to the positioning of the cars, from the shaping of the race track with the original markings, to even the event branding come to life in this 1/32 miniature model.

Slot Mods race tracks

In terms of build specifications, there is the 3-piece aluminum original style center locked wheels, race worn tires, working headlights and taillights, wooden slot runway, handcrafted aluminum banners and signs, trees and even building structures. For those who have been interested in racing car history, especially some selected races, it wont get any more ultra-realistic other than video game simulations. So, for this new years, this might be something you might want to order to bring the sport alive within your walls.

Slot Mods race tracks

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