Solar-Powered Personal Boat

Andrea Divirgilio / March 22, 2006

solar powered personal boat

You know of solar-powered jet, but not sure if you have heard of solar powered boat and that too as perfect as this one! This solar powered boat from Hammacher is perhaps the world’s most perfect boat that is safe, virtually-maintenance free and effortless to operate. The boat is capable of accommodating four persons and it features ergonomic seating and a 700-watt electric motor that is powered by four deep cycle batteries that are constantly recharged by the sun during daylight hours and even when it is overcast, because the batteries hold up to a 6-hour charge. The boat features fiberglass hull and powder-coated aluminum superstructure that holds the solar panel. Just like its brilliant features the boat is priced at an equally rich price tag of $10,500 and that doesn’t includes taxes. But, then it seems to be worth it….what say!!

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