Solid gold Star Wars figurines for the wealthy sci-fi lover
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Solid gold Star Wars figurines for the wealthy sci-fi lover

Solid gold Star Wars figurines for the wealthy sci-fi lover
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Why is ‘Star Wars’ franchise so magical? There’s no single answer, but many theories. After 35 years of the release of ‘Star Wars’ franchise created by George Lucas, young ones still loves to arm themselves with historic light-sabers and adults, who were around for the release decades ago, still cherish George Lucas’ brainchild. This epic space saga which became a Order Clonidine Online pop culture phenomenon has so far earned three generation of fans and billions in merchandising, making it the world’s most popularly known media franchise in the sci-fi genre. Such has been the craze that sci-fi lovers created euphoria at one of the largest Star Wars memorabilia auctions. And, now to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its release, limited edition solid gold C-3PO figurines went on sale for about $6,000.

Solid gold Star Wars figurines

The models of the beloved characters of the iconic film series, C-3PO and R2D2 made from sterling silver, will be the much-coveted and valuable collectibles for the sci-fi lovers. Crafted from 35g of precious metal, the figures have been recreated in life-like detail. Encased in a glass dome with each one numbered, only 35 figurines will be sold, buy Retin-A online making it more rare and precious.

In addition to this, 500 order Orlistat pure silver commemorative coins, built using the designs by Lucas Films along with new printing technique will also be available for sale at a price of $2960.

Pure silver commemorative coins

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These extra large coins weighing 1kg and measuring 14mm in thickness and 100mm in diameter have available brands for generic baclofen with manufacturers details. click on the desired brand to find out the drug price. been meticulously decorated with vivid reliefs from the movies, including the Death Star, light-sabers and the Star Wars logo. All of the items are sure to draw the attention of wealthy sci-fi lovers and collectors alike.

Star Wars commemorative coin case

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