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Sonneteer unveils Music Server for the Morpheus Music Centre

Andrea Divirgilio / January 4, 2011


British luxury brand Sonneteer has already earned huge appreciation for its Morpheus Music Centre, an audio hub that provides a convenient gateway to all your digital music. The firm will now showcase the Morpheus Music Centre at CES LAS Vegas in January and ISE Amsterdam in February, along with the new ripping Morpheus Music Server. The Morpheus Music Server rips, stores and sits silently in the corner while all the Morpheus Music centers in the home pull the music to play in the particular room.

The Sonneteer Morpheus Server copies the contents of the CD being played onto its 3TB hard drive, and sorts it with album name, artist, titles etc. So, you just need to select the music on the Music Centre and enjoy to your favorite tunes. You can pair your iPhone, iPod, iPad or any Bluetooth-enabled device to send music straight to the Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre.

The Morpheus Music Centre plays music from all your home computers, the internet, memory sticks and your mobile phones. It also receives 12,000+ radio stations and 23,000+ on demand programs. The entire range will be available to order in a variety of colors.

Via: Press Release

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