Sonus Faber introduces the $120k Aida speakers as specimens of Italian acoustic craftsmanship

Andrea Divirgilio / December 13, 2011

After we had a look at the Sonus Faber Aida speakers, we couldn’t help but repeat the fact which is now common knowledge worldwide; there is something about Italian craftsmanship which goes beyond what one can describe in words. Whether it’s their cars, suits, watches, and now acoustic speakers, they have ways to mesmerize the audience and audiophiles alike, with technical and aesthetic craftsmanship just like we see here with the multi-layered cross-grained okume plywood cabinet of the Aida future speakers. The speaker actually stands as a tribute to the Cremonese school of violin makers, whose creations were known for their large orchestral formations of sound, a characteristic carried forward in the Aida Future speakers.

Sonus Faber Aida speakers

One of the main points of attraction towards this speaker set is the Lute shape, floor standing design. On the technical stand point, this shape is known to assist the perfect amount of dampening of sound, as well as creating the lowest possible levels of sound vibration. On the aesthetic view, the hand selection of this wood variety along with the 7-layered lacquer finishing, gives it the smooth finishing and also a rather tough and resistant surface towards corrosion. The resultant sheen is of course rather eye-appealing, and would be a perfect match for formally decorated rooms, or any surroundings with vintage style of upholstery.

This would mean that the clarity of sound gains primary prominence in the speaker set. Other components responsible for the high quality sound are its 29mm ultra-dynamic linearity classic Ragnar Lian coil tweeter, 179mm ultra-dynamic linearity driver for mid-range, 220mm aluminum-magnesium alloy cone woofers with coaxial anti-compressor for zero cavity resonance and distortions. Feature wise one could look forward to the 25 Hz – 30 KHz frequency response range, which takes care of the fine textures of the low, mid and high-frequency sounds. The power handling range ranges between 30-300 Watts, which means the sound output could be done over a vast amount of space. Seems like the ideal for private gatherings like parties.

Sonus Faber Aida speakers

Since the year end has arrived, and shopping is bound to take an upsurge, one might seriously want to think about sparing the $120,000 needed for the Sonus Faber Aida pair. The set is the perfect device which blends fine engineering and aesthetics together.

Via: Sonus Faber/ Suono

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