Argosy Raven H10 – Sophisticated studio workstation!

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2008

raven h10

Technical specifications and dimensions tend to overpower thoughts when you go in for a product of this kind, but the stunning looks on this Argosy’s creation will give you something different to think about. Enter the Raven H10 workstation. This very smart looking piece of studio kit has all the functionality built in it to give you a very comfortable work environment. The Raven H10 basically has a very comfortable movable chair on which you can plant yourself and get down to making music. You sit in front of an ergonomically designed keyboard section which makes working the keys of your keyboard a breeze. Above this, you have space for your very dear electronic music keyboard which belts out all your compositions. You can have the Music controls and your amplifier on your either side, as it suits you. To make making music even more of a breeze, you can choose accessories like the retracting monitor or even choose an Oh-so-classy mahogany wood finish for the Raven H10 workstation. And the base version of this sophisticated piece of studio furniture will set you back $995 only.

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