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Sotheby’s Hong Kong to auction elBulli Memorabilia and dinner with El Bullistar chef Ferran Adrià

Andrea Divirgilio / March 13, 2013

Sharing meals with noted stars around the world, is a lifestyle desire which many rich folks behind the scenes like to indulge in, with considerable style and elan. Whether it is the case of the most expensive Christmas dinner, or even the 2012 Valentines’ Day dinner from British Airways, meals have become a way of depicting a certain elite lifestyle, which has more ambient pleasures attached to it rather than gastronomic alone. Spain’s most celebrated chef, Ferran Adria will be a part of the next Sotheby’s auction where 2 dinner dates and memorabilia from his restaurant, elBulli will be auctioned off. The proceeds of the auction however, will be directed towards a charitable cause following the event.

Chef Ferran Adria

It will truly be a unique experience, with none other than one of the worlds’ premier and most well known chefs. The winners of the auction will end up spending more than ever for a dinner date, but it seems the glamour quotient associated with surpass the worth of it all. The chef after all, has been responsible for turning foam into an art form in the world of culinary delights.

Carrot and Passion Fruit truffle

Chef Adria ran the world famous 3-star Michelin restaurant in the Northern Catalonian town of Roses for 27 years, before it shut its doors in 2011. It had the accolade of being the World’s top restaurant for 4 consecutive years, in the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 best restaurants put together by Restaurant Magazine.

Chef Ferran Adria's 'The seeds' dish

The meal with the celebrated chef will take place on April 3 in Hong Kong, and bids are to start from $5,000 onwards. Whatever would be the collection from the event, it will go towards funding the elBulli Foundation, a state of the art culinary centre said to be operational by 2014. The other instance of charitable dinners with celebrities, is the much known lunch with Warren Buffet, where the ‘Oracle of Oklahama’ spends a lunch meal with a lucky winner of an auction, the proceeds of which also land up for charitable causes, considering Buffet’s huge donations.

elBulli restaurant equipment

UPDATE: Dinner with Spain’s elBulli chef goes for $28,500 to an online Asian bidder and a set of 10 Laguiole horn handled knives engraved with “el Bulli” sold for HK$73,500. The auction totaled $1.82 million, including wine, kitchen utensils and signed chef’s jackets.

Via: Sotheby’s/ Eater

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