Sound and seating are one and the same with BodySound

Andrea Divirgilio / December 17, 2008

bodysound I5vc4 48

Chairs and sofas with built-in speakers and other multimedia capabilities are not a new thing to us. We have already introduced you to some of the best multimedia chairs a true audiophile would love to sit on. Here comes the BodySound seating system that eliminates the need for in-room loudspeakers. Offered by BodySound Technologies, the new furniture is the blend of ultra-comfy home entertainment seating and innovative audio technology. Space won’t be problem anymore to have a surround sound home theater of your own. Each seat in the new furniture line powers its own 7-speaker personalized surround sound system and the on-sitters can fine tune the audio characteristics to their preference. The BodySound seating truly defines the meaning of a Personal Surround Sound System. Watching movies, listening to music and playing video games will be real fun with the BodySound seating.

bodysound love seat reclined MYLMZ 48

All seating arrangements are custom configured. You can go for the Recliner ($5,995), Love Seat ($10,690), Row of Two seats ($11,390), Three seat couch ($15,385), Curve of 3 seats ($16,885) and the Row of 4 seats ($22,180).

Via: GizmoWatch

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