Soundscape Sofa for Audio Technica allows plugging in of music players
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Soundscape Sofa for Audio Technica allows plugging in of music players

Soundscape Sofa for Audio Technica allows plugging in of music players

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Japanese brand Audio Technica has been known for its abstract and hi-tech audio gadgets. We have earlier shown you the Swarovski crystal order Viagra headphones and the Sovereign wooden headphones, and joining a similar league is the Soundscape sofa meant for plugging in multiple audio devices while relaxing on the furniture. Unlike other luxury furniture, this sofa is eco-friendly as the material used is a special creation called Eco Panel, which has multiple recyclable, but doesn’t compromise on quality of longevity or comfort.

With the expertise and creativity of David Caon, and the production capability of Australian design firm Viagra Gold no prescription Juicy Design, these sofa sets are meant for techno-friendly audiophiles who would look to hook on to their collection at almost any given situation such as relaxing on the sofa. Using 100% recyclable material, 66 layers of Eco Panel have been used for each sofa giving it the necessary strength and comfort features, such as the unique free standing retail design. Special attention has been paid to make sure that the costs remain low, but at the same the design and shapes are not compromised upon. Originally created as sculpture, these sofas are sliced at specific intervals and then resized again to fit the standard set of Audio Technica products.

Since there is a whole set of these sofas, each have been equipped with touch screens, which order tadalafil users can browse through the in-built music collections or even simply plug in their audio devices to listen to through the individual headphones attached with each set. Since this meant for the Audio Technica retail stores, the customers can sit on each of the sofas, listen to music and test the different other products from the Japanese audio device maker. Though currently the set is meant for the Audio Technica, but would certainly be the thing to watch in the future if it is also replicated for the other customers as well, especially the eco-conscious ones.

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