Space inspired luxury watches for the most discerning gentlemen
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Space inspired luxury watches for the most discerning gentlemen

Space inspired luxury watches for the most discerning gentlemen
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space inspired watches

The whole world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first-ever manned space flight, by Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, this month. Yesterday, we did a roundup order Strattera of the 10 awesome items space enthusiasts can’t afford to miss from the Bonhams’ upcoming Space History Sale and today, we have picked the best of space inspired wristwatches that are sure to impress the space enthusiasts and lovers of fine watchmaking alike. Hit the jump to see them all…

1. Romain Jerome Moon Dust-DNA collection romain jerome moon dust dna collection Swiss watchmaker

The Gagarin Tourbillon by Bernhard Lederer has been designed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Russian astronaut’s historic flight into space. The ultra limited edition wristwatch is inspired by the Vostok space capsule, which successfully completed its test flight into space on March 25 1961, and will be auctioned off on April 12 itself at Sotheby’s in New York. The watch also features a 60-second orbital flying tourbillon that rotates counterclockwise around the dial counter in 108 minutes, to match the time Gagarin took to orbit the earth in the Vostok capsule. 3. Helios by Frédéric Jouvenot helios by frdric jouvenot

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The awe-inspiring Helios watch by Frédéric Jouvenot pays tribute to the cult of the sun in the ancient world. The enigmatic timepiece represents each hour by a radioconcentric sunbeam. The 12 sunbeams are designed on the dial in the sectors of a classic display. For the minutes, they are displayed in a central moon with an index that makes one revolution per hour. The dial of the Helios timepiece follows the passage of the sun. At noon, all rays blaze brilliantly, and the design represents the sun at its peak. The darkness of the face reveals the central area with an opening, which resembles the moon. 4. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon cheap Tadalafil patek philippe sky moon tourbillon

Although all the Patek Philippe watches are special, the over $1 million buy prednisone online . active ingredient: prednisone. prednisone is used for treating severe allergies, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and skin conditions. Sky Moon is special for a number of reasons. This double-faced wristwatch is one of the most complex wristwatches ever made. While one face shows the mean solar time and perpetual date, the other side displays a map of the night sky, the angular movement of the moon, the moon phases and sidereal time. The mechanical module for the astronomical indications on the sky-side dial was also awarded a Swiss patent. 5. Patek Philippe’s Ref 5106 Celestial wrist watch patek philippes ref 5106 celestial wrist watch An amazing piece of luxury, the “Only Watch 2009”

Last year, Omega released its Speedmaster Professional Apollo-Soyuz 35th

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