SPAmbient’s hot tub with built-in TV and bar is all you need for an outdoor party
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SPAmbient’s hot tub with built-in TV and bar is all you need for an outdoor party

SPAmbient’s hot tub with built-in TV and bar is all you need for an outdoor party

While the pool remains the focal point in luxury homes with spacious backyards; featuring designer outdoor furniture, complete with huge outdoor TV screens; a hot tub that boasts of an in-built bar and a flat-screen TV can change all that. We had earlier told you about the best of high-tech luxury bathtubs, and SPAmbient’s Luxema 8000 reinvents the bathtub with its Swim Spa series of hot tubs.

SPAambient’s Luxema 8000 hot tub

The spectacular tub comes with nine water pumps and 130 separate jets for a luxurious hydrotherapy massage.

It’s a great combination where hydrotherapy and entertainment marry to give you the best in luxury

The whole structure has been divided into two different parts. The first one- a six seater lower spa has a bath attached to the outside should your guests feel thirsty. Washed down with glasses of summer drinks, your invitees can make a splash at the pool- an exquisite cooling zone which forms the tub’s mind blowing other half. With powerful water jets to create the effect of a current, the pool makes for an amazing luxury den. And just in case guests are not comfortable swimming against the current, the jest could always be turned off at your pleasure. If you want more, then SPAmbient- the manufacturers are ready to sell you a matching sauna.

With the Luxema model parked on your backyard, you could actually make it to the list of top party throwers in town. However, the flip side here is, in order to accommodate the hot tub, your backyard needs to be the size of a plush New York apartment. Spread over two decks and weighing 1500 kg-the tub is, well, huge. Last but not the least, it costs you a fortune.

While SPAmbient, it may appear at the outset, we have also told you about Cal Spa’s designer series of in-ground spas. Fitted with two powerful swim jets, it represented the perfect combination of hydrotherapy, exercise and fun. They had, moreover, given us luxury bathtubs with plasma TV and DVD player. Luxema 8000, therefore, is not much of an innovation. However, all that can be said is, if you have a large backyard and impressive sum lying in the bank account, SPAmbient’s Luxema 8000 hot tub would be a value addition to your property this summer.

Via: Gizmodo/ Spambient

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