One off speaker backpack by Solid Gray revolutionize portable speakers

Andrea Divirgilio / March 26, 2013

We saw very recently how the traditional backpack was transformed into something totally rugged and stylish, with the Dark Knight Backpacks. In the past we have also touched upon the Discovery carbon fiber backpack, and the world’s most expensive backpack by Damien Hirst and Olsen twins, which shows the whims and fancies of the super-rich. Now Solid Gray has gotten into the business of creating these bespoken lightweight carriers with added technology, with the One off speaker backpack created with folding polypropylene co-polymer, thus making the shell like bag, totally fold able Unluckily for those even with hefty bank balances, this is a single piece creation by the Netherlands based start-up enterprise. To keep the buyer interested, there is a built in speaker system as well, making it an entertaining accessory to have.

Solid Gray speaker backpack

When we first saw the speaker backpack, we thought it was straight out of the war based sci-fi movie, between the good and bad. But unlike the hard stiff shell it appears, the unique fabrication of the bag allows it to be folded thousands of times without bearing a scratch or tear on the surface.

Solid Gray speaker backpack

When we assumed that this is all sci-fi inspired, we were taken aback to find that nature is actual source of inspiration for the unique design. Insects and animals such as armadillo seem to be the initial figure in mind, but in manifestation of the bag, has been given a more retro and rugged look to the carrier.

Solid Gray speaker backpack

On the interior, there has been extensive use of soft EPDM foam, and has been compartmentalized for having space for a laptop, apart from docking space to convert the bag into a portable speaker. The exterior as we figured is carbon fiber, meaning this is something very easy to carry around in terms of weight, and the style factor it adds will be best noticed in the gallery attached below. Sadly, no visible traces of pricing around.

Thanks Chris!

Via: Solid Gray

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