Special Edition $3.8 Million Rolls-Royce To Debut in China

Andrea Divirgilio / October 2, 2006

38 million rolls royce 12
Paris Motor Show will see a lot of curtain raisings, but there is still more for the auto enthusiasts to look forward beyond that! A special edition Rolls-Royce will be making its first appearance at Guangzhou’s first luxury goods exhibition in December 2006. The exclusive Rolls-Royce edition is a stretched version of the Phantom and it is designed to be bulletproof with a stretched out backseat space for rear passengers in addition to Rolls-Royce lavish comfort and driving experience. The show will also showcase the newest luxury models from Porsche and Ferrari. This one and only exclusive edition of Rolls Royce will go for sale for an equally sensuous price tag of $3.8 million.

Besides, this special make, Rolls-Royce, BMW is aiming to add a smaller, “baby” model to its luxury Rolls-Royce brand by the end of the decade. Design work has already begun on the model and it will sell for somewhere around £135,000-£200,000 more than BMW’s top-of-the-range 7 series.

via Spluch / BBC

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