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Spending $500 on a pair of socks

Andrea Divirgilio / October 19, 2010

rodarte expensive socks

The New York Post has dubbed a pair of mohair and alpaca socks that sell for $500 at Opening Ceremony the most expensive leggings in the world. The multicolored hand-crocheted Rodarte socks are a combination of silky mohair yarn and soft alpaca wool. Interestingly, these socks come with holes and cannot be washed. The NY Post took the $500 socks to the streets to see how people react to the Rodarte’s lust-worthy leggings. Rosemarie Terenzio, who runs her own press-relations firm, RMT PR, said…

They last forever, and they look amazing and feel comfortable. If you think about all the times you buy cheap socks and six months later they have holes in it, these don’t.

Christa Hylton of Brooklyn said…

I read fashion magazines to crack myself up for this very reason right here. Five hundred dollars? Really?

Elle editor Kate Davidson Hudson commented…

The open-toe [shoe with] sock trend is very season-specific, and by the end of the fall, the trend is most likely to look dated or passé

High-end socks have turned out to be a hot trend now with different labels offering high-priced hosiery. Some examples include the $170 hand-knit Pendleton Woolen socks, $220 Rachel Comey leather socks and the $145 stirrup-style socks from Cacharel. To check out what people said about the Rodarte’s $500 socks, check out the video below.

Via: Refinery29/New York Post

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