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Spider 3D printed Guitars are for the punk lovers

Andrea Divirgilio / March 12, 2012

Recently, we had told you about the Sinuous sculptural guitars which are designed with a focus on ergonomics, besides world’s most expensive guitars. Another innovative approach to guitar design which is far from the mainstream has been adopted by designer Olaf Diegel, whose 3D-printed Scrab and Spider electric guitar collection has set new design trends in guitar aesthetics.

3D Spider guitar

Olaf Diegel's 3D guitar

Passionate for 3D printing, Olaf Diegel, a professor of Mechtronics at Massey University’s School of Engineering and advanced technology in Auckland, has blurred the line between the technology and art with his designs of Scrab and Spider electric guitars. These guitars have the core made out of aluminum filled nylon or solid nylon. Diegel guitar prototypes are made of Alumide or Polyamide 2200 body with the use of an EOS Formiga P100 laser sintering system, a 3D printing technology that facilitates the manufacturing of extremely complex parts. The entire body of the guitar features spiders and insects with intricate details, printed as a single component, which wouldn’t have been possible without the use of laser sintering technology. The Spider guitar is featured with numerous fearsome-looking ODD arachnids which are positioned throughout in guitars web-like lattice along with various insects and flowers hanging from the Scrab vines.

3D Spider guitar

Highlighting the 3D printing technology, it facilitates the company ODD to customize the guitar with the fittings of spider along with the choice of neck and hardware, allowing each of the production models for the customers to be uniquely designed.

3D Spider guitar

In case of Spider, the company can even fit anything onto the back-space of the guitar along with replacement of headstock ODD logo and other modifications. Reportedly, Olaf Diegel’s wonderful designs are in the final stages of prototyping, and its availability is anticipated in June this year with the price tag of $3,000 to $5,000 range.

Blue ODD Spider

Diegel hopes to come up with his final guitar with a core made out of wood, allowing the better control of guitar’s resonance and its tone. It will not only allow Diegel to do more of the customization, but he will be able to work on the looks and sound of the guitar.

Via: Gizmag / ODD

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