SpJ Alba Turntable by Arcici brings back the old-world charm

Andrea Divirgilio / September 12, 2008

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When was the last time you missed your old phonograph? Not too long ago, we are sure. Though it is very difficult to get hold of these phonographs these days, there are a few companies and establishments that bring us these awesome gadgets from a bygone era and allow us to transport ourselves back in time. The SpJ Alba Turntable by Arcici is one of its kind and comes with a standalone motor house, which weighs 8kg. The turntable is driven by a semi-soft single belt, and running motor voltage is reduced thanks to a separate switch.

The platter’s outer diameter is 33mm and stands at a height of 185mm, and the total revolving mass weighs 30kg. The turntable rests on steel contact points and the device has a unique steampunkish look to it. Now, we know that anything from the days of gramophones looks steampunkish, but the SpJ Alba Turntable looks pretty authentic. The best idea is to listen to Bach or Wolfgang on this turntable and lose yourself in the beautiful music. You may need to get the SpJ Lyla pick-up arm as well. The SpJ Alba Turntable costs $26,000.

Via: Arcici

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