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Sponsored Video: Shangri-La’s dramatically different advertising campaign “It’s in our nature”

Andrea Divirgilio / October 15, 2012

Shangri-La's dramatically different advertising campaign

Offering legendary hospitality around the world, the leading luxury hotel group ‘The Shangri-La’ which takes its name inspiration from the mystical, harmonious, fictional place described in the James Hilton’s 1933 novel Lost Horizon, unveiled a cutting-edge global brand campaign “It’s in our Nature” that duly expresses the group’s distinctive philosophy of hospitality ever since it began service in 1971.

Shangri-La's dramatically different advertising campaign

The TV, in-flight, print and digital brand campaign’s highlight, a television commercial created by an internationally renowned advertising-agency Ogilvy & Mather and masterly directed by an acclaimed commercial director Bruno Aveillan, takes the viewer to epic locations to communicate a simple, but universal truth; “There’s no greater act of hospitality than to embrace a stranger as one’s own.”

Quite unlike the typical hotel advertisements; this dramatically different campaign boasts no images or talking about palatial buildings or beautiful locations. Rather, it conveys the value of genuine kindness, and focuses on the essence of Shangri-La culture of ‘embracing people from the heart and treating them like family.’

Capturing what Shangri-La believe what’s in their nature: hospitality from the heart; the campaign reinforces the stature of the luxury hotel group with a world-wide foot-print of 74 hotels and resorts throughout the major locations in Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East, and Europe, and with room inventory of over 30,000.

Shangri-La's dramatically different advertising campaign

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