Spyker C8 Spyder
Spyker C8 Spyder | $ 220,000
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Spyker C8 Spyder

Spyker C8 Spyder

Spyker Cars were formed in 1999 and from 2000 the brand started producing exclusively designed luxury sport cars. Their first model was Spyker C8 series, which later included several sub-series cars like C8 Spyder SWB, C8 Spyder T, C8 Aileron Spyder and many others. Buying any supercar from Spyker has always been a splendidly personalized experience. Every time a buyer commissions a work, Spyker starts an exclusive webpage for the buyer. It helps the buyer to keep track of every single work done on his or her commissioned car. Every Spyker car carries individuality in terms of chassis numbering and design. Probably because of this high level of personalization, Spyker has managed very steep luxury quotient for its cars. Priced at around $220,000, Spyker C8 Spyder was the base model in C8 series.


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Spyker C8 Spyder, despite being a base level car, allowed complete personalization in terms luxury. Most distinctive part of interior was low-slung seating arrangement with polished shift link gear shift. 6-speed gear shifter looked really period automobile item. A button on the crown of gear lever allowed initiation of reverse gear mechanism. Interior was trimmed, from floor to headrest, in quilted Connolly leather and dash was styled in machine-turned aluminum. Central console panel mimicked old day’s propeller driven airplanes’ control with toggle switches. For a comfortable ride, C8 Spyder came with F1 styled stainless steel independent suspension with Koni shock absorbers. It also sported dual-circuit brake system – 6 piston aluminum calipers on front and 4-piston aluminum calipers at rear wheels. On front and rear wheels, ventilated disc diameters were 356 and 330 mm.


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C8 Spyder was a rear-wheel drive car with midship engine, single hinge tilt door and aerodynamic body work. Front sported blunted air-intake grill gave the car a distinct look in its league. Chassis is made of aluminum space frame with aluminum panels fitted onto it. For safe grip and handling at high speed it sported 18’’ forged ATS alloy wheels. Besides, it also came with an option of 19’’ wheel made of magnesium. Dimension-wise, C8 Spyder was 4185 mm long, 1880 mm wide, 1080 mm high with wheelbase of 2575 mm. Its front track was 1400 mm while rear track was 1580 mm; curb weight of the car was 1250 kg.

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