Spymaster’s Orcasub is a $2 million private submarine for your aquatic adventures

Andrea Divirgilio / March 11, 2013

Submarines and the super rich; that’s the new relationship which seems to be gaining ground with the wealthiest group of people in the world! Cruising over the pristine waters in yachts seems to be fading into a toy of the past, and the underwater beauty is what the uber-rich want to explore with their own luxury submarines. Now, Harrods has managed to start taking orders for the $2 million Spymaster Orcasub, which can dive 2,000 feet below the waters and sports a life support system for 2 passengers for a period of 80 hours.

Spymaster Orcasub submarine

The new water vehicle was the main highlight at the store’s Technology Showcase 2.0 event recently, where a decent turnout showed tech enthusiasts look at the submarine in detail, and why not? Seems darn futuristic!

Spymaster Orcasub submarine

A worthy entry for the submarines of the super rich, the Orcasub can dive down to 2,000 feet below the sea level, where a couple of passengers can hop on to this 4-tonne 22-feet sea vessel to explore life in the region. According to details furbished, the principles of design for it has been drawn from flying machines, hence the joystick-paddle design sounds impressive.

Spymaster Orcasub submarine right view

On the other tech features, there is the digital communication system, with 60,000 lumen LED lighting rig which comes into hand during the ‘in-depth’ tours under water. So whether it’s about asking to help and guidance, or even a live commentary from depths of the sea, the communication system comes handy during the luxurious oceanic adventure.

Spymaster Orcasub submarine lower front view

However, this isn’t the end of the offerings for the McCoy. If customers want, there is the $9.32 million edition, which can go as deep as 6,000 feet and provide an upgraded set of tools and features to work with. Seems like this one could perfectly fit as an worthy accompaniment with the luxury yachts of the super rich.

Spymaster Orcasub submarine passenger

Via: Pocketlint/ DVice

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