SSC Tuatara
SSC Tuatara | $ 1,300,000
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SSC Tuatara

SSC Tuatara

The SSC Tuatara is a monster of a Sports Car manufactured by SSC or Shelby Super Cars in a bid to claim the title of manufacturing the 'World's fastest production car'. SSC is not a very big company in comparison to the current champion it has challenged - Bugatti owned by Volkswagen. The supercar was unveiled at the 2011 Dubai International Motor Show and though it was priced at a hefty $1.3 million, it already sold 10 pieces in the show itself. The car arrives as a very worthy successor to the SSC Ultimate Aero and it features a power-to-weight ratio of 1,125 hp per tonne.


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Complementing the exterior aerospace design is a highly functional and futuristic interior. The interior looks like the cockpit in a space shuttle and it has been optimized to enhance the look. Adorning the left and right of the driver are HUDs (Heads-Up Displays) which are joined by the main gauge-cluster area. The left HUD has a menu and a central command console while the right HUD has all the necessary info on the current gear of the car. The steering column hosts the seven-speed gear shifter and a red button on the side ignites a massive engine. There is a climate-control system within the supercar and the AC is vented through the central exhausts. Two screens inform the driver and the passenger about all the necessary inputs which can be controlled from the central console.


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The exterior of this Super Sports car has been designed entirely based on the aerodynamic and slip-stream requirements. The body work has overcome the technical challenges that the forces of nature pose at a speed above 350 kmh. The shape is flat and classical. Standing barely a meter tall, the car features a black teardrop-shaped canopy or roof which sits on a dazzling off-white body. Two wings, or dihedral stabilizers as they are officially called, grace the sides of the body after the idea was borrowed from the aviation industry. These wings support the superstructure of this supercar. A look at the front reveals a low nose with carbon-fiber headlights. The car looks super sexy and sleek in its side profile which has no door handles or projections of any kind. There is nothing like a hood or boot in this car which has been designed purely for awesome speeds.

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