SSC Ultimate Aero TT
SSC Ultimate Aero TT | $ 650,000
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SSC Ultimate Aero TT

SSC Ultimate Aero TT

SSC Ultimate Aero is a mid engined high performance sports car from the house of SSC North America, elaborately known as Shelby Super Cars. This made in America sports car once made it to the Guinness Book of World Records, achieving the coveted feat of being the world’s fastest car in production. Prior to Aero, this title was held by the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. To surpass Bugatti’s record, it had to achieve an astonishing speed of 256.19 miles/hour (412.29 Km/h). But the engineers from SSC claim that their improved ‘Aero’ models can actually break their own record and easily reach up to the top speed of 270 miles/hour. The SSC was founded by Jerod Shelby and the idea of Aero was also conceived by him. In the beginning, he started with building replicas of high end sports car using his innovative ingenuity. Ultimate Aero is still in production, and you can be its owner by shelling out around $650,000, which is a hefty price indeed.


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In the interior of this sports car you’ll find 2 Custom Recaro seats. The widths of these seats is around 19 inches each. The headroom is about 38.5 inches and the leg space is about 47.0 inches. There’s a provision to adjust the elevation of these seats up-to 25 degrees. In the dashboard there’s a custom built speedometer, which can give readings up-to 260 miles/hour and a tachometer, which can give readings up-to 8000 revolutions/minute at top speed. Apart from these, it also incorporates horsepower gauge, fuel lever, voltmeter, oil pressure gauge and sequential shift lights. To keep it’s riders at full comfort it has an efficient all weather air conditioning system. The robust ten speaker audio system is there for unmatched musical pleasure inside the car. If only listening music doesn’t satisfy you, no problem, as the car has a pre installed 7.5 inch DVD screen too. Automatic backup camera, a fine navigation system etc are some of its key luxury features.


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Jerod Shelby was instrumental in designing the car. As far as the body style of the car is concerned, it’s a two-seater Berlinetta and owing to its specifications, falls under the sports category. Berlinetta is nothing but a sports style variant of coupe. It has a rear mid-engine and rear wheel drive. If you look at its exterior, you’ll find that in its body a lot of carbon fiber and other composite material is used. This gives a befitting super-strong body to this super-fast car. The underlying body frame also called space frame is mostly made up of reinforced steel. The dimension of the car in terms of length, width and height are 176.2, 82.7 and 43.0 inches respectively. The ground clearance is about 4.0 inches. Highly durable ‘Michelin Pilot Sport PS2’ tyres are used in the car. The accumulated weight of Aero is around 2,750 pounds. This weight is distributed, 42% in the front and 58% in the rear.

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