S.T. Dupont pen brings forth Karl Lagerfield’s fixation with writing instruments

Andrea Divirgilio / July 15, 2011

Lifestyle pen from Dupont for Karl Lagerfield

Karl Lagerfield is a known name in the fashion world for his unique styling and design for Chanel products and his fetish for luxury writing instruments, so it was only befitting that the similar styling cues be carried on to products created for him. We had earlier seen the designer’s genius in the Samurai Prestige Lighter & Pen set which was a tribute to the royal Japanese military culture, and also Roman mythology pen & lighter set, which bought forth tales from roman mythology. The latest is the unique ‘Prestige’ & ‘Chic’ limited edition pens, which have attributes of the designer’s genius in creativity.

As stated earlier, Karl was always known to have a weakness for luxury writing instruments, and the collection is said to be so large that he himself has stopped counting them beyond a point. The latest series, which has 2 pens in dual options, fall into the similar category of collectible items instead of being simple pens.

Both the ‘Prestige’ and ‘Unique’ come with the option of being a ball-point or a fountain head as per the consumer preference, which can be unveiled at the designer’s bookshop and photo-studio, 7L. The nibs of the pens have been hand crafted with considerable detail from plates of yellow gold.

The bodies of the pens have been given a unique shape that would assist in gripping them right, and making them slip-proof when rested on the table or writing desk. The differentiating factor with these 2 varieties of pens is the color of the series. The ‘Prestige’ series comes with a red hue where as ‘Chic’ series comes colored in ‘black’. Incidentally, to create the unique red shade, Karl Lagerfield has mixed nail varnish into ink to bring about the perfect tone for the writing instrument.

Though, the pricing for these writing marvels is yet not known, but they certainly won’t be a constraint for the one with rich writing, styling tastes and a good bank balance.

Via: Materialiste/ WWD

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