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Stack up your Booze in Style

Andrea Divirgilio / June 11, 2008

grotto wine bar Apukx 12

A Wine Bar is all about making a style statement ain’t it! Well there is nothing to disagree with for only the riches have those cellars rolling ultimately beefing them more and more with time. The style statement was though about choosing to stack the booze in different manners and with time it too needs a revamped thought. A thought that sees technology hitting on in with an LCD panel guided through a touch screen helping it to pour in. And in this modern world bragging of opulence they call it the Grotto WineBar. Other than these superlative capabilities, it can hold up to 4 bottles and does come with a modular design capable of accommodating more. It holds up the stock at 45 degrees and keeps uncorked bottles unsullied for two months. Capable of adorning any given cabinet, Grotto has put this one up for $5,000.

via: Ballerhouse

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